Welcome Home Business Achievers!

Hello home business achievers. Welcome to another quick-to-read blog post while we explore something of importance to home business achievers all over the USA and beyond. Hello to international Home Business Achievers!

Especially what we are looking into in this installment is how can home business achievers avoid having to pay mas dinero per buying targeted ads from search engine and social media platforms?

If you have been a home business achiever for a while, then you know what I am talking about already. But for those of you present who are newbies, I am going to give you that fast backstory.

“Whatever Happened to Baby Algo?

Here is the deal and bottom line. The flat-out reality is that search engines and social media platforms have as their biggest source of revenue those ads that are purchased. Customers include everyone starting with the major conglomerates, then down to the mom-and-pop retailers still standing, well as the “Home Business Achievers.”

And our hearts go out to M&Ps and HBAs everywhere. Because, just when they find a teensy tiny way that you can rank in search engines with your blog DIY SEO, Big Brother is unhappy because in their eyes you are gaming the system.

So then BAM that kink you found in the armor of their algorithm, speeds out of town before you can say “Kink in algo algorithm come back” 7 times. fast. And suddenly, all you are left with, is shiny metal where once there had been your M&P HBA opportunity.


But it makes sense. Right? They are in the business of selling ads. So, the more they take away from you, the better it is for them. If they create a sense of scarcity, they know you will likely come back to them to pay 1 to 6 dollars or so, every time someone clicks on your ad in their search or social platform.

And the HBA Award Goes to…?

If you get the right subscribers on your weekly newsletter email list, you are going to have fans of what you do, ready for their next purchase from you. If you, do it right, for Home Business Achievers everywhere, you will feel like you just won an award!

Special Announcement for Home Business Achievers

And speaking of awards, I just heard on the Home Business Achievers communication hub, that our partners at the Home Business Awards are cooking up something special.

One of the upcoming Home Business Awards will be granted to the Home Business Achiever who comes up with the best way to avoid giving all your cash to search engine and social media platform’s ads.

More on this coming soon to the website of the Home Business Awards!