Home Business Achievers has been created for those who fit the title: Home Business Achievers. It is for out of the box innovators who don’t just look at their phone but can reach outside of their phone.

Having a new way to look at the world that is short and sweet can be a powerful thing. You may have heard the expression that “Less is more” and it is. That is, as shown in our brief but inspiring look at three blog posts that are low in writing word numbers but high in creativity.

Our first of today’s batch is Lights Camera Read. Originally created for kids in the New York Public Library is expanding into experiences for adults. What can Home Business Achievers get out of this? The importance of continual evolution.

Then there is Magic Neighbors. Another group that appeared first off at the New York Public Library. It too is expanding its reach.

And last but not least, is the new MagicPreneur website. Where magicians get down to business.