Two blogs of interest from Blog Coalition are a “Multi” site and a “Magic” one. These sites are:

Web Design Magician (Multi.)

Yianni Stamas (Magic.)

The blog entries of each of these sites, include one from Web Design Magician, plus another from Yianni Stamas. Web Design Magician has an article about “Multi” or getting online workers. While the other post of interest is that of Yianni Stamas and includes news on the “USA Magician of the Year” virtual trophy. This is a part of the “Houdini Day” awards that occurs on October 31st, Halloween, the date that Harry Houdini died. I was hoping this year to go to his gravesite with other magicians out of respect and to try to bring him back from from the great beyond, but my daughter along with my wife reminded me that we are in the middle of a Pandemic here in New York City. Maybe next year?