Method How” in 15 Steps to Live the American Dream with your Business or Idea” that You Can Use to
Climb the Tower of Hope”

How to Figure Out What American Dream to Dream About on July 4th, or Really Any Day for that Matter

A commitment we made is that if we are going to be showing you how to live your own American Dream with your business or business idea. They key here is that sometimes a business owner or someone hoping to start a business has a lack of confidence or a low self-esteem.

But guess what. It is not about you not liking yourself. It is more about a willingness to help others feel better about themselves. If you can do this, then you are making a difference. You are helping. Keep helping and eventually you will feel better about yourself and maybe even living the American Dream.

But first things first, the need of a little adjustment to an idea we just presented. The goal does not have to be about helping others to help yourself. Scratch that. Why? Because it is not important what is motivating or not motivating you. What is important is that you do something. Anything.

Set a date of finish of something like building your website. Or better yet, premiering a site that you helped make happen for someone else in need. That can work well and in some ways the program we are currently doing that this blog entry is a part of, is unfolding with the same kind of spirit for the betterment of all.

Something that is not American and Might be Getting in Your Way

One thing that looms high over people who do not achieve externally in the “real world” comes down to self-image. If you have a bad opinion of yourself, you are going to have trouble accomplishing things in your life. Clearly people try many methods to try to change this. One is therapy, that depending on who you choose to be your “shrink” can be very helpful at assisting you to understand why you have lack of confidence and get in your own way of success.

Other solutions for building yourself up could include taking seminars. Or read self-help books. And so on. If you do not like yourself, in fact, even if you hate who you are, believe it or not you can still succeed. How? if you can cut yourself a break, even for just a few hours a day, you can be successful. Success is American. But disliking who you are and limiting yourself is Un American. So, take on the role of being a good American and create things that help society. If we can do it, you can do it!

Choosing a Subject Matter to Create a Learning Based Product that Will Work Out Nicely in the U.S.

Everyone has problems. I have problems. You have problems. We all have problems. Turns out this is actually a good thing. Why? Because solving problems is what it is all about. People very frequently buy things because they think the purchase will make them feel better about themselves. The insight to glean from this is that if you have the solution to someone else’s problem, it does not matter if you do not know how to solve your own problems.

Quite frankly, the most successful people have lots of problems that they are blind to or know about but choose to put them aside for the moment. And yet, they achieve guru status. Guru as in being an expert, having a business (or soon having one) as well as that the make the big bucks. Throw out all that junk about how until you become perfect you cannot help others do so.

Just find things you know how to solve for people. But do not limit this to your so-called expertise, in terms of career. You are much more than what you do for a living. You are much more than what you are an expert at. In the end, you might select to make you and your expertise a part of your brand. You also, of course, doing what you do to help others. You are a problem solver of high value to those who are your current clients or are soon to be.

Remember to think outside of your own box regarding how you can help others. Decide the problem you are going to solve for your fellow Americans.

You can have the magic of your American Dream.

– USA Magician