In a world where there are already enough challenges, some of you encounter the inability to unlock the door to the next level. There is a group that is discriminated against and rarely is seen in media. We are ageism. This is a very serious problem because our culture rather than embracing those who are older, they bypass them without giving them a chance. The website has a brief story on the topic.

Strangely enough, ageism actually can be an asset rather than a liability. How does this work? If you have a low income and are in your 50’s to 80’s and beyond, there are programs you can be enrolled in that provide you with free doctors, food and other provisions. We are not encouraging people to start living off of the government, but if you are really in need, you should have access as seen in NYC Housing Lottery. But how does ageism fit into this? You can focus your home based business toward an older demographic as seen at

What we are saying is that if you are older and have a home based business you can direct it toward people who are your age. You understand their turmoil so you can give them a solution to it through your products and services. And if you are artistic as seen at

What is the point of this article and what are we attempting to convey? We are the bearers of the suggestion which is to use all your guns: your home business, your age and more. Even if you are not an “artist” you are creative. Creativity is what moving your home based business forward.