The Home Business Achievers’ Connection

We have three websites from the nearly 60 (at the time of this writing) that we manage for Blog Coalition, all of which at first glance seem to be different. But upon closer examination we see an area where they all intersect. They are all Home Business Achievers.

Useful Info for HBAs

For starters, take for instance Home Business eLearning. In its current post, Home Business eLearning looks at distance learning and its power. This can be useful for Home Business Achievers.

Shared Process

On the other hand, take a gander at RBdesignConstruction. It appears, and rightly so, as a site whose blog entries have all but stopped. But in the new text from today, they talk about sharing a process. This concept can be useful for Home Business Achievers, because even solopreneurs need the online help of others and a shared, yes you guessed it, process.

A New Way of Looking at Social

Also for today, Media Administration, a site often looked at as an inspiration when it comes to the use of media, talk in an indifferent tone about social media, citing Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma.” If you have Netflix and haven’t checked it out, you really should. Media Administration is inclusive of today’s shared interest: Home Business Achievers. Those with home based businesses may want to a look at Media Administration’s post for today. It gives a new way of looking at social.