So far, so good. Nominations are trickling in at a slow rate, the speed of which will inevitably increase. Fall is upon us. I always liked the word Autumn better than Fall. Why? Because “Fall” always reminds me of falling. But hey, I suppose it comes down to what you fall into.

What we have fallen into at this point is an awards show that seems to resonate with others. Who wouldn’t like an awards show honoring some of the hardest working individuals here in America. We are talking of course about the Home Business Awards.

Do you know of a deserving Home Business Achiever? If so, we’d love to hear from you. We see the Home Business Awards as a way to say thank you to Home Business Achievers who now constitute an important faction of our USA economy.

We give a shoutout to Save NYC Together who had their first blog entry today that can be found here.

Another blog entry today is the fondly remembered awards show: the Platinum PIAs. Thanks to them for honoring us with more than just a mention.

We end on a fun note that is really going full circle back to the beginning of this post. Quick but it might make you titter, is New York’s and North Fork’s very own Stamas Bros.